What Kind Of Person Is Polonius

Polonius fictional character councillor to King Claudius and the father of Ophelia and Laertes in William Shakespeare s tragedy Hamlet written c. Polonius may be elderly and demented but he must have been at least politically adept.

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Polonius Described as.

What kind of person is polonius. And hes exactly the kind of dad whos so embarrassing that you dont even want to bring friends to meet him. He informs us in his first line that he thinks twice about letting his son Laertes go overseas and because he is hesitant to. Just the kind of advisor a snake like Claudius would want.

Previous question Next question. He admits that he is not a man of great prestige and yet he has risen to be counselor to the King. In The Tragedy of Hamlet Prince of Denmark several characters exhibit the signs of possible psychological disorders such as Prince Hamlet Ophelia and Polonius.

Upon further inspection however it seems likely that Polonius suffered from one or possibly more psychological disorders. Presumably he counseled King Hamlet as well. His mode of oratory is designed to ridicule the practice of those times of prefaces that made no introduction and of.

In his first line he tells us he hesitates to let his son Laertes go abroad and he draws out his last meeting with Laertes because hes reluctant to see him go. Beside this what type of person is Polonius. Polonius is selfish suspicious and uncaring.

He is especially known for his maxim-filled speech Neither a borrower nor a lender be. Polonius was like have you been mean to him lately and she was like well ya dad you did tell me to stop talking to him why does polonius says he acts this way. In this scene we no longer see Polonius as the kingÃÂs councilor but instead as father figure.

Annoying Polonius is loyal to the King where he. With Polonius Shakespeare seems to characterize a sneaky untrustworthy snake of a man. Polonius is one of the major characters in Hamlet his role in the play is of great interest to scholars.

Self-assured cynical self-centred flatterer long-winded sly devious false shrewd immoral sermonise meddling political arrogant despicable vain hypocritical manipulative verbose insincere self-absorbed. Polonius cares deeply for his children which is why hes so overprotective. His meddling garrulousness eventually costs him his life.

Parts of Hamlet present Polonius as a fool whose love of his own voice leads to his constant babbling. Polonius a secondary character in Hamlet is a good example of the difference between a Shakespeare text as literature that can be individually read and a Shakespeare text that is meant to be performed on the stage. A As a person Polonius was concerned father because he tell his son Laertes that he should talk less and listen more he also ask his son to be friendly but not too much he advice his s view the full answer.

Immediately follows polonius comment that sometimes people cover up their evilness by being outward with their belief in God and Claudius essentially says he is so right I do exactly that all the time Im so guilty. Secondly how is Polonius selfish. Polonius is a man bred in courts exercised in business stored with observation confident in his knowledge proud of his eloquence all declining into dotage.

Scholars have been analyzing the character of Polonius for centuries and his role in Hamlet will continue to be analyzed for centuries to come. He is concerned with appearances especially the reputations of his children. In William Shakespeares Hamlet Polonius is the chief counselor to Claudius as well as the father of Laertes and Ophelia.

Polonius is King Claudiuss advisor and Ophelia and Laertess father. He can be played by an actor as an elder statesman somewhat faded but still wise and capable or he can be presented as silly self. A Danish lord Polonius is the father of Laertes and Ophelia.

It is through this constant interaction between him and his two children Ophelia and Laertes that we distinguish what PoloniusÃÂ personality is like what kind of. Polonius is a proud and concerned father. Home 1 Shakespeare Characters 2 Polonius Hamlet.

Everyone knows that Polonius is a doddering garrulous self-aggrandizing old fool. An actor portraying Polonius should address the question of whether he is a devoted father or a ruthless politician. Polonius is a father who is confident and worried.

What type of a person is Polonius when you consider the advice he imparts to his two children. He is young and lacks good judgement and its normal for old people to be suspicious of people. Hes self-absorbed long-winded and dull.

Closer in kin than in kind – Ham is sassy and a lil bitch.

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