Taurus Traits And Personality Female

Taureans are naturally sexy people because they are ruled by Venus the planet of love and pleasure no less. They make for an original personality real and a very loyal partner and friend to rely on but they expect the same in return.

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An embodiment of the goddess in her corporeal form the feminine Taurus is the zodiacs ultimate Earth Mama.

Taurus traits and personality female. A Taurus woman very similar to a Taurus man are usually calm controlled composed practical and stable in nature. She is very sweet-natured and has a feminine approach to things. While she will accept help when it is offered she will not ask for it.

Taurus people are fixed earth signs. Taureans like the bull that represents them are known to be intelligent dependable hardworking dedicated and stubborn. Of the four zodiac elements air earth fire and water Taurus is an earth sign.

Thus are very determined and sometimes stubborn too. Ruled by Venus the Empress of Love whose motto is All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals the Taurus woman lives completely by that truth. It is rare that a Taurus woman will become angry and upset and when they do get like this they are not prone to letting it show.

A Taurus woman is a creature that is not only intoxicating mesmerizing and mysterious but youll find her calm cool presence and desire for the finer things in life very attractive traits indeed. Taurus female traits include persevering independent stable down-to-earth loyal dependable artistic and intelligent. Taurus is the second of the 12 astrological signs and is represented by the bull constellation.

To under tand what he i you hould fir t pay a little attention to what effect the ign of the zodiac and the ea tern. Beauty-loving sensual and at times even slightly hedonistic the Taurus woman. The Taurus Woman Her Traits Personality In Love Compatibility Life Of course you might fear your Taurean Womans Champagne tastes.

The Taurus woman traits show she is good at keeping her emotions in check most of the time. The nature of these traits will change from Taurus woman to woman and the degree to which they present themselves depend on the details found in the Taurus females astrological chart. Overview Personality Traits.

In a majority of situations the Taurus lady seems to be glowing with a sense of friendliness and generosity. Taurus Woman Positive Personality Traits. Your stubbornness is due to the strong will and determination.

Taurus is one of the most reliable and dependable signs of the zodiac. A Taurus woman personality is all about emotional strength and independence. You are enthusiastic stoic determined and materialistic.

You are strong and unwavering. This type of woman is exceptionally loyal to the ones she loves but she likes to do things on her own. The zodiac sign Taurus traits in a female are very prominent when she is nearby her loved ones.

Your most attractive traits. Character personality traits and compatibility The nake-Tauru woman i an intere ting per onality with a very unu ual character.

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