Beowulf Epic Hero Traits Worksheet Answer Key

Beowulf embodies many of the characteristics of a classic epic hero. In Beowulf the character of Beowulf is considered an epic heroThis quiz will ask you about Beowulfs characteristics and how they support the traits of an epic hero.

These Four Graphic Organizers Are A Nice Supplementary Item For A Beowulf Unit They Give Basic Definiti In 2020 Graphic Organizers Beowulf High School English Lessons

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Beowulf epic hero traits worksheet answer key. Some of these traits include his larger-than-life physical strength his courage in the face of extreme danger and his loyalty. About This Quiz Worksheet. He is of noble birth brave honest and a fierce fighter.

Then she sat on the hall-guestAnd wielded her war-knife wide-bladed flashing XXIII. Beowulf hears about Grendels 12 year bloody reign on Herot. Beowulf embodies several traits that make him a textbook epic hero.

Chooses to go to the kingdom to defeat Grendel. Beowulf is physically and socially imposing in stature his size and abilities are above all others and his legend goes before him his style is grand yet simple humble think of battle with dragon his story is vast involves more than one country. Beowulf is a great epic hero because he performs many brave deeds such as risking his life for the greater good of society and is significant and glorified by all people.

Even Grendel is shocked that he cannot free himself from Beowulfs grip. Jayleel George AP English 12 Beowulf Characteristics of an Epic Hero Example from text include the line numbers and page Copy the quote exactly as it appears in the poemno more than 4 lines 1. Cite textual examples from the poem about each characteristic of an epic hero.

As a way to reinforce and gage learning assign the corresponding evidence-based worksheet during the reading of either the fight with G. About This Quiz Worksheet. Xoshannon_ Terms in this set 6 Is significant and glorified.

An epic hero is the central figure who has superior qualities and risks personal danger to pursue a grand quest. Beowulf- An Epic Hero Grendels mother bears a knife on Beowulf. Beowulf is so strong that even a needle fish couldnt swim faster than him.

This is a handy tool that students should have as they read the journey of their epic hero. He journeys across the ocean to help save Hrothgar and. He faces supernatural creature like dragons and Grendel he embodies the ideas of his society loyalty think of his loyalty to Hrothgar and his own king and.

Beowulf is merciful with Unferth who calls his victories luck because he knows that he is drunk. Beowulf displays all of these heroic characteristics in many situations throughout the poem. This quiz and worksheet combination focuses on the traits that characterize an epic hero like Beowulf.

Nov 13 2016 – Use this worksheet to analyze ANY classic epic such as Beowulf The Odyssey Gilgamesh or The Iliad. Is on a quest. Is significant and glorified Line 2 a comfort sent by God to a nation Line 17 The glory almighty made this man renown 2.

Use this worksheet to analyze ANY classic epic such as Beowulf The Odyssey Gilgamesh or The Iliad. The quiz will test you on several of these characteristics. This graphic organizer defines nine classic characteristics of any epic and prompts students to record the evidence of these traits.

Use this PowerPoint Beowulf introduction as a way to hook students and teach them epic hero traits along with needed background information before reading Beowulf. Terms in this set 13 The hero is charged with a quest that causes them to travel over a vast setting. He demonstrates his sense of honor and his loyalty to Hrothgar by.

Characteristics of an Epic Hero. The cycle must reach a low point where the hero nearly gives up his quest or appears defeated. Beowulfs personal characteristics include the heroic traits of loyalty honor bravery faith and superhuman strength.

Has Superior Strength Intelligence Courage. Beowulf is a leader hrothgar has heard of his reputation. This graphic organizer defines nine classic characteristics of any epic and prompts students to record the evidence of these traits.

Characteristics of an Epic Hero Complete the graphic organizer below for the three conflicts in BeowulfThis will help you with your essay at the end of the unit. Characteristics of an epic hero including examples from Beowulf STUDY.

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