What Are The Common Characteristics Of The Tragic Hero

When he or she realizes what went wrong. The tragic hero is one of the most common literary archetypes having its roots in Greek drama.

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Typically a tragic hero is a person of noble birth.

What are the common characteristics of the tragic hero. The last but perhaps most important characteristic of the tragic hero that Aristotle describes is his consistency. In the case of. Mixture of Good and Bad in Hero.

Another explanation of this characteristic is that tragedies involving people of stature affect the lives of others. The Greek philosopher Aristotle established four main criteria for judging a hero as tragic. This is a character trait that will lead to their.

Firstly the hero should be an inherently good person from the beginning of the play. The hero is not fully good or evil. Third the character must be true to life his actions must have rationale involved.

When a hero confronts and experiences downfall the hero is referred to as a tragic hero. The characters down fall. I would say Brutus is the Tragic hero not Caesar.

Second the character must abide by the qualities of a hero maintaining a nobler status. One of the characteristics of a tragic hero according to Aristotle is that the protagonist must come from nobility so that the downfall of the character is greater than an average person s and should have some type of unique skills or abilities. This person is doomed by fate some supernatural force to be destroyed or endure great suffering.

Six key characteristics of a tragic hero. Common characteristics of a tragic hero The hero is of noble birth The hero possesses a tragic flaw that eventually leads to his downfall. The hero struggles admirably against this fate but fails because of a flaw or mistake.

Create a Tragic Hero. Simply put a hero is a character who faces difficult and unpleasant situations or shows courage in the face of danger. The hero falls do to some flaw in his personality.

However Ill explain who a tragedy hero is and Ill list the common features tragic heroes share. The hero suffers a reversal of fortune brought about by. They must have a tragic flaw.

Aristotle defines a tragic hero as a person who commits errors in judgment. Moment of recognition. They are generally the children of kings or other royalty.

2 A reversal of fortune peripeteia brought about because of the heros error in judgment. 1 Flaw or error of judgment hamartia Note the role of justice andor revenge in the judgments. What he means by this is.

Also something that wasnt mentioned is that often the Tragic hero at least in Shakespeare takes his own life at the very end. Remember the tragic hero is the main character and he dies at the end not in the middle. A tragic hero is a person usually of noble birth with heroic or potentially heroic qualities.

One of the important characteristics of an ideal tragic hero is that it should be a person having both good and bad qualities. Reversal of fortune. Aristotle says that neither a good character can be an ideal tragic hero nor can a bad character fulfill the purpose of a true tragedy.

Since tragedy involves the fall of a tragic hero one theory is that one must have a lofty position to fall from or else there is no tragedy just pathos. An Aristotelian tragic hero must possess specific characteristics five of which are below. It is clear that both Medea and Achilles have this characteristic.


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