The Witches Macbeth Character Traits

However Macbeth continues to remain foolhardily confidentperhaps due to his unerring belief in the witches predictions. Courage ambition without morality.

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The Three Witches or Three Weird Sisters are the morally ambiguous characters whose prophecies drive Macbeth to his tyrannical desire for power.

The witches macbeth character traits. I am thane of Cawdor. The Witches The Witches Character Traits. Yet do I fear thy nature.

Macbeth is also a gullible man when he runs into the witches he believes them when they say all hail Macbeth that shalt be king hereafter act1 sn2 line 50. Unlike Oedipus after realizing the accuracy of his prophecy instead of avoiding all possible negative actions Macbeth devises a plan with the help of his wife to murder Duncan in order to fulfil the dark prophecy. They have the comical ability to play with people like dolls and get them to do whatever they want.

The reasons behind the Witches involvement in the play arent entirely clear other than that they contribute to a spooky and gloomy mood. Their character is mischievous since they use strange potions charms prophecies and spells to get people to do evil. When the witches first meet Macbeth and Banquo they prophesy that Macbeth will become King of Scotland and that Banquos descendants will be kings.

The Witches are described as being ugly and having beards thus indicating that theyre unnatural and evil Shakespeare uses this appearance of the Witches to emphasise their wickedness. Main Character This supernatural soliciting Cannot be ill cannot be good. If ill Why hath it given me earnest of success Commencing in a truth.

Sources referred toSamuel Johnson. Wants to be the King. Confidant and goad of Macbeth.

So according to the witches prophecies he is able to kill Macbeth. Throughout the play the witchesreferred to as the weird sisters by many of the characterslurk like dark thoughts and unconscious temptations to evil. Macbeth building a sense of anticipation for their forthcoming encounter.

Ambitious partner of Macbeth. The Witches in Macbeth Although there is clearly more than one of them the Witches may be seen as seem as a single character. Macbeth Weak Character Analysis 917 Words 4 Pages.

Dearest partner of greatness. It is too full of the milk of human kindness to catch the nearest way. The witches said that no human born from a women could kill Macbeth and Macduff said that he was delivered prematurely.

For brave Macbeth disdainding fortune with his brandished steel which smoked with bloody execution ACT1 SC2 LNS18-20. There is no doubt that the Witches possess an evil nature. Kaleb Motley 4 th Pd Macbeth Character Chart Character Chief MotivesTraits Role in the Play Quote At the Beginning of the Play At the End of the Play Macbeth Brave general in King Duncans Army.

They are often referred to as The Weird Sisters. Thus bravery is definitely one of the character traits of Macbeth in this play. At his end Macbeth embodies an eternal archetype of the weak tyrant.

MISCELLANEOUS OBSERVATIONS on the TRAGEDY of MACBETH 1745 Dr E. Read extended character analysis for the Witches Minor Characters In addition to the characters above Shakespeares Macbeth includes a supporting cast of minor roles. The ruler whose brutality is borne of inner weakness greed for power guilt and susceptibility to others schemes and pressures.

The Three Witches Character Traits The play has three mysterious witches who wreak havoc against Macbeth through their prophecies. In todays video I look at the witches in Macbeth. In part the mischief they cause stems from their supernatural powers but mainly it is the result of their understanding of the weaknesses of their specific interlocutorsthey play upon Macbeths ambition like puppeteers.

Yet the association between Macbeth. In Act 1 Scene 2 Macbeth is presented as a loyal warrior a hero who fights valiantly on the battlefield to defend his country against invasion and treachery.

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