What Characteristics Does Opal Like About Winn Dixie

Opal tells him You are better at making friends than anybody Ive ever known Winn-Dixie smiles at. India Opal Buloni who goes by her middle name Opal is the ten year-old main character and narrator of the story Because of Winn Dixie.

Because Of Winn Dixie Novel Test

Hes a shy quiet man who wears his black hair slicked back on his head.

What characteristics does opal like about winn dixie. Theyre alike not because Winn-Dixie insists on going to church topples grocery store managers and scares librarians but because he also wants to be loved. Otis has thick black hair slicked back like Elvis Presleys and thats how Otis likes it 88. Opal is a 10 year old red haired girl who moved to a tiny rural town called Naomi Florida with her preacher father.

Why doesnt Opal like Stevie and Dunlap Dewberry. Winn-Dixie was skidding all over the polished floor. Opal would not have meat all the people she i friends with without winn-dixie 3 when he smiled he would sneeze if he smiled to hard 2 she became friends with dunlap because of winn-dixie he has a lot of energy She has red hair and freckles 5 Winn-Dixie have incoming 4 Opal.

Opals bond with Winn-Dixie is both immediate and deep. It is comparing how Winn-Dixie looks to something that is brand new When Opal was done giving Winn-Dixie a bath he was as good as new. Naomi Florida is full of interesting folks so Because of Winn-Dixie is a tasty smorgasbord of people and their descriptions.

What characteristics does Opal like about Winn-Dixie. He offers Opal a job sweeping the shop after the parrot Gertrude decides that Winn-Dixie is an acceptable companion. Double click anywhere drag files in paste from clipboard or click here to post.

Physically Opal likes the way Winn-Dixie smiles And she likes the way he sneezes. Opal recognizes a kindred spirit in the ragtag Winn-Dixie. What does Opal think Winn-Dixie wants her to do.

She brought him inside for the service. They become fast friends as everyone does with Winn-Dixie. What does Opal do to Winn-Dixie to try to improve his appearance.

Her prayer was answered when she met a smelly dirty dog in a local grocery store Winn-Dixie. She also believes that he has a good sense of humor. What characteristics does Opal like about Winn-Dixie.

Winn-Dixie began howling from outside. She knows no one and wants to make friends to ease her loneliness. Later after meeting Winn-Dixie she comes out of her shell and displays traits such as friendliness.

Winn-Dixie s arrival to the family begins to change this as the dog showers the preacher with affection and through his actions encourages the preacher to talk to Opal about Mama. Although he is a dog Winn-Dixie is personified by Opal. Opal went outside and untied him.

He is friendly and rambunctious. Then he actually caught the mouse. Opal enjoys the fact that Winn-Dixie likes to smile a lot and wag his tail back and forth.

In the beginning Opal displays traits such as shyness sadness and loneliness. Hes a musician after all. Both Opal and Winn-Dixie have hearts of gold and no one to shower with their love dust.

Then when a mouse ran across the floor Winn-Dixie got up and chased after the mouse. Their friendship is an incredibly powerful force that gives Opal the courage to ask for information about her mother. She is a friendly and trusting girl.

But really the attraction for Opal seems to be that the dog like herself is all alone in the world. He looked like a bullet shooting across the building. For her and the dirty dog it was a friendship at first sight.

Despite his awkwardness with people Otis is exceptional at dealing with animals. Despite the preachers grief and bitterness about Mamas departure when he and Opal do talk about Mama he makes a point to imply that Mama leaving wasn.

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