What Kind Of Person Is Benvolio

Regarding his personality what is most striking about Benvolio is his maturity and the good sense he shows as opposed to Romeos immaturity and rash behaviour and Mercutios dashing swashbuckling approach. Later after the deaths of Mercutio and Tybalt Benvolio is a witness and he faithfully recounts to the Prince the events of the fight.

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Mercutio as the Skeptic Foil.

What kind of person is benvolio. Benvolio is the type of person whom other people trust and respect since he is truly honest and loving. He is a kind and good-willed gentleman. Benvolio is a fictional character in Shakespeares drama Romeo and Juliet.

BENVOLIO Benvolio a Montague is the kind of person wed all like to have for a friend. The kind of person we are comprises many different things including our personality how we think of the world and how we respond in different situations. Benvolio serves as an unsuccessful peacemaker in the play attempting to prevent violence between the Capulet and Montague families.

O noble prince I can discover all The unlucky manage of this fatal brawl. However Tybalt enters calls him a coward and attacks him so Benvolio is quickly a part of the fight that he tried to stop. Speak nephew were you by when it began 11104-105.

Benvolio is a person who wants to keep peace. Benvolio is a peacemaker trusted friend counselor problem-solver and voice of reason. According to Benvolio Tybalt is a man who likes to pick fights.

Even though he is of Montague blood and that he should support their cause. When Romeo wants to be left alone he leaves him alone. Benvolio Montague is a cousin with Romeo and Mercutio.

There lies the man slain by young Romeo That slew thy kinsman brave Mercutio. Since he is a part of the Montague family he is often thrown in the mist of its problems. He is a good friend sensitive and gives good advice to the ones feeling low.

In the scene Benvolio is a peacemaker a voice of reason. The name Benvolio comes from Italian meaning good-will or well-wisher or peacemaker. Mercutios character serves as a foil in Romeo and JulietA foil is a character who juxtaposes another character so.

In a novel by Rachel Caine it is Romeo and Juliet written in Benvolios point of view. Tybalt is a person who is critical and hates. So it really doesnt say what kind of person he is in the sense of what his personality is like — Mercutio is just talking.

Consequently what kind of character is Benvolio. Benvolio is a Montague and is a good friend to Romeo. He is the kind of man that is respectful to his elders.

Had they listened to his advice who knows where the plot of the story could have turned. Benvolio answers Montagues question and when Lady Montague asks about Romeo Benvolio says that he saw him wandering in. An antithetical character Malvolio appears in.

In this scene Mercutio and Benvolio are worrying about Romeo. Compare how Lord Montague Capulet handle the fight. It is called Prince of Shadows and Benvolio is characterized as a thief.

Capulet accuses Benvolio of Bias Benvolio pretty much speaks the truth about what happened. If Tybalt sees Benvolio again he might start a fight. Like the ongoing feud with the Capulet family.

Hes saying Benvolio is the kind of guy who would pick a fight with anyone over anything no matter how trivial when in reality Mercutio is the one who is really hot-headed and impulsive as. Later in the scene Montague says to Benvolio Who set this ancient quarrel new abroach. He is Lord Montagues nephew and Romeos cousin.

Benvolio doesnt he actually is a peace-keeper. All three are intelligent boys but unlike his cousin Benvolio is cautious and thoughtful.

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