Positive And Negative Traits Of Filipino Values

Two positive Filipino values are pakikisama which means group loyalty and constantly striving for peace and kasi which means seeing all sides of a situation to know exactly where failure occurred Two negative Filipino values are hiya which means that you do not try to achieve so you can enjoy peace of mind and ningas-cogon which means that you should. We always welcome visitors with smiles conversation and food.

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Positive and negative traits of filipino values. The positive aspect of the live for today attitude is that they dont stress about tomorrow. March 30 2018 Good Friday. Close Family Ties We enjoy the feeling of having and knowing family members are around us.

Negative because it arrests or inhibits ones action. Values may be defined as those standards of which a group or society judges the desirability and. The negative aspect is they also dont plan.

Always respect and follow what our parents and adults advise us to do. Holidays in the Philippines. Respectful manopo and opohalik sa kamay Negative.

For the positive Filipino traits it includes being joyful despite many problems being respectful especially to the elderly God-fearing brave with strong family ties hardworking creative with spirit of communal unity loving and caring helpful and kind. August 27 2018 last Monday. This can also be a negative characteristic.

Positive Traits Faith in God We may have different religions in different sectors of our country but what is consistent is that we all have one strong form of faith. Mano to saying po and opo to our elders. The bayanihan spirit patience respectfulness hospitality and passion for education.

Foreigners who have gone to the Philippines find themselves falling in love. This trait reduces one to smallness thus congealing the soul of the Filipino and. January 1 2018 Monday New Years Day.

Filipino Traits and Characteristics Grade 3 Sibika ZPG 2012. For example utang na loob can lead to. Colonial complex or blue-seal mentality- a Filipino value of showing high admiration and preference toforeign produced goods over local ones3.

Positive because one relies on a superior power rather than on ones own. Classic Filipino Traits and Characteristics. In a social system or atmosphere of extreme insecurity the positive qualities of the Filipino take on negative and ugly appearances.

This is one of the most popular qualities of Filipinos. Bahala na atitude- a Filipino trait characterized by retreating or withdrawal fromcertain undertaking and leaving everything to God to interfereand determine the outcome of his deeds2. -It is expected that we help out in the house and offer help to siblings friends family etc.

Strong Family Ties and Religions. March 29 2018 Maundy Thursday. Some of the positive traits of Pinoys are.

June 12 2018 Tuesday Independence Day. April 9 2018 Monday Araw ng Kagitingan Day of Valor May 1 2018 Tuesday Labor Day. Despite the weaknesses or negative traits.

I think one of the positive attitudes of most Filipinos is their live for today attitude. Filipino values have both positive and negative aspects depending on the context in which they are found. Louella Brown Baguio City.

It is conducive to humility modesty and lack of arrogance.

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