Pet Marmoset PR + Digital Strategy, Publicity, Press, Websites, Digital and Online Marketing Services for Independent Artists.

Digital Strategy

Having a Myspace page is not a strategy.

If you want to succeed in todays wild world of music, you absolutely must have a strategy for effectively leveraging the internet and digital media. It is about identifying and refining what is so special about you and your music... then acquiring and developing a tribe of fans... engaging those fans... and ultimately growing your tribe and opportunities.

Sending an email to tell your fans the time, date and location of your next show is nice... but it is not enough. Let us point you in the right direction. Learn more...

Web 2.0 Websites

Rethinking the purpose of an artist website.

We have developed an effective, results-driven “art and science” of website design and it’s an intentionally different approach than what most designers are doing today. We believe that in today’s day and age of interactivity, social media, content and Web 2.0 - function rules over aesthetic. While some (especially artists) may enjoy a hip, art-driven website that has cool images floating around and all kinds of bells and whistles and fun things to look at… we’ve learned that today’s consumers really want to cut to the chase and easily find and/or accomplish what they’re looking for. Learn more...


Evangelizing the lost.

Far too many exceptional records are never heard outside of the basements they were recorded in. If you do not spend the time, money, and work to evangelize your music to the masses, few people will ever have the opportunity to discover it... to listen to it... to become obsessed with it.

99.999% of the world has never heard of you or your music. If you want people to hear your music, you have got to get the word out. We know a thing or two about getting the word out. Learn more...